Top 5 Latest Best Racing Games for Androids and IOS 2022

Top 5 Latest Best Racing Games for Androids and IOS 2022:

The name Games is empty if they do not have racing games because nowadays racing games are in demand and every teenager or youngster wants to play racing games so now will talk about the Top 5 Best Latest Racing Games for Androids and IOS that are trending now.

Top 5 Latest Best Racing Games

Why we should play the Games?

If we will talk about games and we forget racing games this is impossible because nowadays all over the world racing games are trending and every one however he is teenager or youngster love the racing games. Racing games become you better drive nowadays the games come in 3D or 4k that gives you feels like you are driving in your real life. So if you don’t have your own racing cars then you can complete your dreams with play the best racing games and enjoy with them so let us go and talk about the Top 5 Best Racing Games

1. Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is an ultimate offroad game that gives you the feel of a desert. If you want to drive in the desert and enjoy offroad driving then this game you will really enjoy because you can play this game on your Android and IOS devices and have fun with it. You can make your own car and go on an adventure in the desert. If you love to ride on supercars such as Ferrari, BMW, Lamborgini,  Bugatti, and many more and you don’t have any car to ride then you should try this offroad game because you can go anywhere in this game and have an adventure.

2. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is full of adventurous action racing games that you can play online or offline with multiplayer mode. If you have skills in driving and drifting then you should play this game. You should have a fearless driver because this game is a very high nitro speed racing game that you feel you are racing on a real racing track and riding on your favorite racing supercars. You can tour the world and racing on any track that you want to ride.

The environment of the game is unbelievable and has HD resolution. You can get some rewards or coins that you can you to unlock something in the game and use them to buy or customize your super racing car as you want. This game is trending nowadays in the world. The game has more versions such as Asphalt 8, Asphalt 7 and 6 and so on but nowadays the latest version with many unlimited features and the new version is Asphalt 9 and this version is amazing you will enjoy it.

3. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a very papular and famous game that nowadays every teenager played and every player who plays racing games will know this game. You have to ride a car and with many hurdles, in your way, you will have to be ready and take care of your car from stones and up and down the road. You have to full your cr fuel because after some time if you can not reach your destination your fuel will end and you lose your game. You will get coins and after every mission, you can get coins with the coins you can fill your fuel tank.

Your vehicle is on your hand so you should be careful because of obstacle and hurdles in the route that destroys your vehicle and break your neck with that you will lose your game you will start again from the previous level and again try to cross the hurdles and obstacles. A little mistake can destroy your vehicle and you lose your game. This game is very amazing because of his handles and different routes that make this game amazing. You also can change your vehicle and to unlock the vehicle you have to collect many coins and win many levels to unlock the vehicle and many more things. You should try the Hill climb racing game.

4. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is one of the best riding bike racing games that you will really enjoy playing this game. This game is very papular and unique and every racing game lover plays it. In this game, you will ride on a bike and start racing with others or with timing. You will win the race before others or before time end. You can race many tracks because in this game you can see many racing tracks that are very amazing and realistic.

You feel like the reality of racing life because of his realistic graphics. This game is full of adventure because you will face some problems in racing that as traffic and you will ride carefully otherwise you will have to face an accident and you lose traffic riding game. If you are a biker or bike lover then you should try to play traffic rider this game will be very new and amazing for you. You should try for a better new experience in your life.

5. City Racing 3D

City Racing

City Racing 3D is a full-action racing game that gives you many adventurous places and tract that you can enjoy this game. You can race on many maps and win the race from your opponents. You can organize a race and customize your car as you want. You can also get some coins and money to upgrade your car and modified it. This game is very lightweight you feel like you are playing a heavy game.

This game gives you the feel of a heavy game and the graphics of this game are 3Drealistic which makes it more amazing this game. You can control these games very simply and you can play this on your Android and IOs devices easily. You can drive and race this car on city streets and win the game against your opponent. If you are a street racing lover and want to ride then this game is very useful for you and you should play this game once.

Ending Words

Finally, the activities are very important in your life and useful for your health. If you want to relax and don’t get down in stress then you should play the game for mental health because nowadays everyone is busy with many responsibilities and can’t do any activity but now you can play these amazing Top 5 Best Racing Games in your Androids and IOS devices. We hope you will like our blog.

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