Pokemon Go Mod Apk 0.245.2(Unlimited Money and Free Everything)


Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game which is developed by The Pokémon Company in 2016 for Androids and IOS devices. The world is full of games, but pokemon is still the love of gamers. The players are addicted to pokemon to keep on their smartphones to play in their free time. More, this game doesn’t let them bored.
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Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2024

Indeed, the Pokemon Go Mod Apk game made everyone crazy. Whenever the game talk show starts gamers found to ask what pokemon go is. The players across the world are searching for pokemon that are rare in number. How can they catch them? Pokemon go comes up with Augmented Reality technology. Due to this several elements in order to use fiction in the real world besides the player’s camera. Pokemon go is unique in nature and its user interface is pretty simple.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

After this, you will come to know the following issues so far its technology, its invention, its owner, where to download, diversity, evolution, and how you can catch a Pokemon nearby you. So by downloading from our website, you will enjoy these Pokemon Go mod apk (unlimited everything latest version).  So in this Pokemon Go Mod, you will get unlimited money, unlimited coins, Pokemon Go level rewards, unlocked everything and unlimited everything.

What is the difference between Pokemon Go Apk and Mod Apk?

Simply in Pokemon Go APK, you will play the game without premium unlock features and you can download the Pokemon Go APK from the Play Store this is free and available on the internet. In the original apk you can play the game with many new features but some of the premium features are locked in the original app that you can only use by paying.

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In Pokemon Go Mod Apk you will get all the premium features unlocked and everything unlimited and free of cost such as unlimited coins, unlimited money, fake GPS, and many more cheat mods. You can use all those features free and use them without any problem that you will not find in the original Pokemon Go Apk. So if you want to play pokemon go mod premium apk you should download this latest version from our site for free.

Why are people interested in such games?

Pokemon Go app is a great game to kill your time and to keep more fun and excitement. The players of pokemon prefer to keep a unique game on their smartphones. People love games that are based on adventures and mysteries. Because the mysteries and adventure-based games create fun and include puzzles. Login into pokemon you can play the game non-stop for many hours. It proves how unique this game is.

Augmented Reality Technology/ Challenges

After applying Augmented Reality technology the pokemon are added to your collection. This creates a big chance for you to become a king catcher. Thus, you can challenge your friends and family as well as any player around the world.


New Pokemon

The pokemon go (new pokemon) mod apk features capture pokemon of every kind. It covers catches whether the pokemon is new or old. All the pokemon can’t run from the Pokemon go apk. You can run them in pokemon go mod apk (all pokemon) Mod Apk.


This feature takes Pokemon to go to another level. Using GPS to detect one’s locations is a super feature. It comes up with a real location of the players. 

New Season and Events

In this Pokemon Go new version, you can participate in pokemon go upcoming events and win pokemon go battle league rewards and many other useful items that you can use in this pokemon go mod apk (without root) game.

Opportunity to capture

Finding the Poke is not as tough as it looks. They collect pokemon with no hurdle because multiple types of pokemon exist all around us. Finally, it proves it is not as hardened as we think. You can compare this story with real human stories, as we go far our chance increase to do anything. The same situation is here when we go outside the new opportunities right there for us to get the maximum benefit from them. 

Pokemon Everywhere

You may not sit at home, you can go out to parks, schools, and hospitals. There are bright chances to catch a Pokemon. Suppose, you go out nearby water area and Pokemon may be present there.  Some of the other ways to get a powerful Pokemon. You can visit Google to know, which Pokemon is the most powerful Pokemon. Next, you can join a gym and continue playing the Pokemon game to earn medals.

Pokemon Bracelet

The design of Pokemon Go allows the players to capture the Pokemon, train them and exchange virtual Pokemon. You can download it from the Google Play Store free of cost. In addition, the Pokemon bracelet assists the players in adding more pokemon to their collection. The Pokemon are at nearby places because they are everywhere. When we talk about the company structure then we come to know the company is based on multi-million dollars. Go to visit Pokemon Go, truly it would be a unique experience to play Pokemon.


It’s a virtual application in nature as well as a virtual interaction technology. Keeping a wide diversity of applications makes it unique among similar apps. If any of you want this application, so he keep first a smartphone. Altogether he must keep a connection of 3g, and 4g, and needs to turn on GPS to check the location. 

We know the Pokemon are all around, we need to visit nearby areas such as neighbours. This way, we can catch more creatures. The important feature in Pokemon Go is to provide a fake GPS and unlimited cash. As a result, it keeps a big hand behind us in making us, great trainers.


You can rely on the map of this mod. The map is authentic because it uses GPS which cause to develop a real look at the game. The players consider it a real game. The map is in the hands of players that are controlled by radar. It works in real-time and mentions the real position of the players. This feature helps much to engage Pokemon nearby. This is a fantastic feature of the Pokemon Go apk.

Precedent Experience

Wherever you will go, the Pokemon are there. What next you must do? The players are required to open their Android cameras and GPS signals. How to add more Pokemon? We discussed they all are yours. What are you waiting for? Step out for a little walk to the areas, where a lot of smartphone users gather. That is your result-oriented area and get a good number of Pokemon in your collection. The battle begins in one condition when you activate and touch. The only trick to catch Pokemon is to catch Pokemon as it appears. During a challenge, the players gradually can upgrade their power and levels for the sake of Pokemon masters.

Raid Battles

This would not be a wise decision to go into raid battles with your 86CP against the 50000Cp kyogre. Sit and think for a while, if your Pokemon is not as powerful as required then don’t go for raid battles. Whether is your Pokemon or your friends both will be defeated badly. 

Before the raid battles, you have to make sure about the powers of your Pokemon. If they are low comparatively then you must stop. You had observed in the gym battles, where your Pokemon consecutively were defeating, so here the situation is far worse.

Indeed You Are A Pokemon Trainer

Yet, the wait is over. You can become a real Pokemon trainer. This app is the best option for you to become a master. The task is clear, you will have to fight the wild Pokemon to catch them. By following the tricks this can be so easy. The tricks in which do it fast as rings become coloured and focus on them. Be careful before the fight, the green colour will show it would remain easy to catch Pokemon, and in the case of the yellow colour, it would remain pretty difficult to take on wild Pokemon. Where you are expecting the Pokemon, it is pretty possible you will not find it, but in other places, you will find it.

The competition becomes more exciting only when you step outside. The places you must visit are local parks, gardens,s and historic places. Most players are more focused on patching the players. Do believe in the discoveries. This would let you catch the Pokemon which are pretty hard to find and catch. The one quite crucial step you should take as soon as possible. Guess what are those steps? Make sure to keep access to Pokestops and Pokemart’s proxy for the die-hard players. This step to take is a core step, it must be taken without thinking much. In conclusion, this will lead you to provide elements one of which is Pokeball. 

Attraction of Players

A big number are those people which are using smartphones around the world today. Pokemon Go is leading in covering all the important needs that the players are looking for such as simple and interesting gameplay and rich graphic images. On a serious note, the player’s engagement has shown the world that Pokemon Go strong attraction so far.

Pokemon Interface

In short, the game Pokemon Go Apk gives us an unbelievable experience. The game interface is pretty simple, the player goes back to their original position using Poke Ball trajectory to see Pokemon and add to their collection.

Unique Gameplay

When it came online the online gamers were shocked by knowing how unique this game was. We experienced this game and considered it pretty different in comparison with other games so far. 

Battery Saving Mode

Pokemon go consumes a lot of battery that’s why you must use its battery-saving option. The screen is turned off as the phone is kept upturned. In this way, your phone screen remains off, but the notification of nearby players remains on.

Mod Features

Let’s grab the most common and important features that make the Pokemon Go mod APK new version better than others. The list of features is given below. The list points are as follows;

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

 Unlimited Money 

You will not face any issues in terms of money. In the mod of Pokemon Go, the unlimited money option will entertain you. It will increase your buying power to buy the items, which causes you to upgrade the Pokemon program. Go and install the Pokemon Go mod APK version in which a run of money shortage will not stop you from playing the game. This will continue for long hours until and unless you do not end the game by yourself. So don’t worry you will get unlimited money in this Pokemon Go mod apk (unlimited everything latest version).

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Unlock all Premium features

Let’s see next what can we unlock in the Pokemon Go modded APK version. The trainer should unlock these levels. Let’s jump in to detail :

  • Reaching level 5 you will be able to unlock many options. You would be able to select your team, unlock the raid battles, define tasks, and many others.
  • As you Reach level 8, you can enjoy the feature Team Goes Rocket combined with balloon and Pokestop. In addition, Razz Berries will unlock too.
  • Some of the features unlock as you reach level 12, where you find more fun with great balls unlocking.
Pokemon Go Mod Apk

These are some of the unlocked features discussed, while many other features unlock as you reach the next levels. So abstract is you can get all levels unlocked in this pokemon go legendary mod.

Unlimited Coins & Gym Battles

Pokémon go mod apk (unlimited coins latest version) features many tournaments. These tournaments become a source of unlimited coins. These coins help you to purchase some necessary items for your Pokemon. Such way you can upgrade your player. Another source of unlimited coins is to fight the gym battles. Gyms are the real pattern to move on towards the coins. You just have to win in battles for your team. The gym is key where Pokemon Go for massive coins. 

If the coins are much in number then go with Blissey which is hard to be knocked out. Keep in mind, when you go for a town center’s battles then Pokemon will not fight for a long time. Here, you must consider your Pokemon go best Pokemon to go with, otherwise, you will get down. Keeping in view, the Pokemon besides other pokemon is available in the gym but doesn’t take part in fights, and can’t earn the coins.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

The point is that in the gym if any of them didn’t fight ever then it’s impossible to win the coins But in this pokemon go mod apk (unlimited coins 2022) you will get unlimited coins and you can use them as you want. To get fun and enjoy you should download pokemon go mod apk (download unlimited coins latest version).

Fake GPS

One more amazing mod feature in this pokemon go mod menu apk is Fake GPS so that you can go anyplace or anywhere you want without any problem and you can move the characters freely as you want.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk


You can play this Pokemon go cheats download free version without the worry of getting banned because these pokemon go mod apk (joystick ios) allow you to play without the worry of any issue of ban or other problems.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

The hottest question is discussed here, Keep scrolling to read the question through your many questions will be answered.

  1. Who invented Pokemon and Pokemon Go? 

    The pokemon game was developed by Nintendo. They possess full ownership of Pokemon and they are the only owner. More, the first pokemon was Rhdyon, and while Pikachu has been 20 years old while Pokemon go was invented by an American company. Niantic Inc is basically a software development company working from San Francisco. Today, Niantic is a well-known software company due to ingress and pokemon go. The headquarter of Niantic lab are in San Francisco, California, and United States. In the end, John Hanke is the founder of Niantic labs. The software lab came into being in 2010.

  2. Can we train pokemon?

    The answer is Yes. The players can train their pokemon. You can catch and train the pokemon. The upgrade your pokemon option is available in pokemon go. You can get such training items from both the stores and Pokeballs. Let’s see some of the common elements below:
    Incense:This item is called a “hearing drop”. You can attract your pokemon to the location you wanted just in 30 minutes.
    Lucky Egg: This is all about the double experience to get in just 30 minutes.
    Egg Incubator: This factor defines in terms of the hatch. This element is a helping tool to hatch the captured pokemon when you are engaged in the game. This is only possible when you will walk for a specific distance.
    Lure Module: It creates a chain of “drop hearing”. This tool makes a connection to connect with other PokeStop within 30 minutes. Thus, the rest of the players can also become a part of your lure module. 
    The items mentioned above you can keep by purchasing them through Pokecoins. The coins balance you keep in the game. Other than coins the PokeCoins, you can purchase by paying money. The players can play free as well as you can pay money in order to become a “profession Pokemon catcher”.

  3. What is PokeStop?

    PokeStop is known as a blue dot. It features to show the results regarding buildings, monuments, and the parks nearby you. You just need to click for the desired results. See the images in which a package of PokeBalll and Poke eggs will appear. Literally, the package can be purchased.

  4. Can we make Pokemon Powerful?

    Several ways are there to upgrade your Pokemon, the best way to upgrade by the items available in the game. You can pay a certain amount also. The second most common option is to use experience points that you got by fighting with a wild pokemon. The fight and in-game items both upgrade your pokemon.

  5. Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk safe?

    Yes, there is nothing harmful in the Pokemon go apk. This Entireapk website of Modapk is safe. You can go and can install to have fun in your life.

  6. Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk Free?

    Of course, it’s free. There is no fee to install and use it. You need to keep the internet connection when you are going to play it online.

  7. Can we download the Pokemon Go Mod Apk from the google play store?

    No, you can’t download it from the play store. The mod version can be downloaded from the websites.

How to download Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2024?

Users of android, iOS, and smartphones can easily download this game. Visit google to download the Pokemon Go app game free But to download the Pokemon go mod premium apk you can visit our site where you can get Entiremods and free of cost. The game was first introduced in 2016 and still is trending. So Let’s see what are the steps to follow to download the application. Keep reading carefully to understand each step.

  • Go into the main setting of your Mobile phone.
  • Unlock the security option and next see the unknown sources and enable them.
  • Click to down the app from the website given link
  • Wait for the app to download completely. Don’t cancel anyway.
  • After download, keeps the downloaded file inaccessible folder
  • Finally, open the file and click to install 
  • Once, it is installed completely, play the game but let it load first
  • Have fun and excitement with the mod.


Finally, we got, that Pokemon Go Mod Apk is creating a strong attraction among the players through its unique experience and features they are providing so far. You can’t consider pokemon a simple game. It is one of the legendary games in its own era today. The market is full of a wide number of games in which Pokemon Go has set its own separate image.

How interesting it is that a place about you don’t go to before and know before becomes your memory. Visiting unknown locations not only provide you with the thing you are looking for but even increases your knowledge of the things you were not familiar with. The Pokemon Go app makes you a social person and provides you a chance to go closer to unknown people. Playing with other players creates a strong social bond and makes your personality better than before.

In fact, these pokemon go mod apk pokecoins game has set such a wide virtual system that is a clear picture of the future. Such amazing advancement is doing things easier for the players in reality.

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