Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps for Androids and IOS in 2022

Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps for Androids and IOS:

Nowadays Editing becomes the most important thing in life because everyone wants to look beautiful and Awesome. So today we will talk about the Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and IOS:

Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps for Androids and IOS

Why Editing Is Becoming Important?

In this modern era, everyone wants that his videos look like film stars. They make videos and to edit them pay a high amount. Video Editing becomes a trend now. Nowadays the editors’ apps also become very papular which makes your videos like celebrities or film stars. So today we will talk about the Top 5 Best Video Editors Apps which you can use easily and make your video amazing and beautiful by yourself so let’s talk about the Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps:

1. Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor & Maker

Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor & Maker

This app is very papular and in a unique style. You can use this to make many projects on it and its advantage is that this app can handle many projects easily without disturbing you and your device. You can upload and make 4K videos in it and this app is very amazing and auto-save video app.

You can make your videos for social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and so on this app is best for making content for social media. If you are an IOS user then you should use this editing app because this app is specially developed for IOS devices so that you can enjoy it to make your videos beautiful and amazing.

2. Power Director – Video Editor

Power Director – Video Editor

This Editor app is one of the best because of its simple use and its unique interface. If you don’t know how to use editors for video then you should try this app. This app is becoming a service now because this app is free and nowadays everyone uses this to provide services and earn from this free editing app. You can easily use this app for editing anywhere to edit your video. In the first days of this app, nobody used this app and then developers make some changes to it and after some time this app became famous gradually.

Now every person who edits their video shall know the name of this app and maybe he is using it to make their video amazing and beautiful. If you also want to use it for free and make online earnings and also make your videos awesome then you should try this because this app is very easy for you and you can easily understand its interface and everything.

3. Inshot – Video Editor and & Maker

Inshot – Video Editor & Maker

Inshot is also one of the best in all video editors because I’m also using this app to edit our videos. This app is free of cost and fully featured. You can edit your video professionally this first app has a huge fan following because of its unique interface and simplicity to use. If you are a beginner in the editing world then you should try this because this app edits your video professionally and you can use it or download it totally free of cost.

You can cut your videos the features of Inshot are cut, split, add, crop, and overly, apply many beautiful filters, stickers, text, export in HD, and many more features, and all these are free of cost. You can also make your memorable moment save in this. This app always saves any project in draft whenever you want you can open that and edit the project again. This app provides you with all the facilities that every editor wants in an app. So if you want your professional video edits then you should try this and make your videos amazing.

4. VivaVideo – Video Editor & Maker

Vivavideo – Video Editor & Maker

Vivavideo is a video editor and maker app in which you can use all the features that is not in other apps. You can edit a huge file or your video in it. This app is very famous over the world because of its unlimited features that are free and very useful in editing. You can make a video by adding your images and making a song n them and saving your memorable moments. This app has many advantages but it has a disadvantage also and that is the watermark.

You can use all the features of it like cut, add, split, stickers, emojis, and also text on your videos in this app. If you use the free version of this app then in the end video when you will save the video there is a watermark of Vivavideo so many editors want to clean their video but if you also want to save your videos without a watermark then you also can use the paid and new latest version of Vivavideo to use without any disadvantage and enjoy it properly.

5. FilmoraGo – Video Editor & Maker

FilmoraGo – Video Editor & Maker

FilmoraGo is 5 number on our list because this app is premium. This app is properly well designed and perfect for editing. In this app, you will not find any kind of error or mistake because developers make this app perfectly and also because of its premium version. In this app, you can edit any kind of your video. This app also has the disadvantage of the watermark.

If you use the free version then the watermark is absolutely in it and if you use its premium version then you can easily anything edit and saved without any watermark. All the features that are locked or not opened can open or unlock all those features in the premium version of FilmoraGo. This app is the last on our list and a very amazing editor app. If you have any questions related to this editor app you can use our comment section for message.

Ending Words

Today we told you about the Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps for Androids and IOS in 2022 that are trending and widely used in every country. We hope you will like our blog about the Top 5 Best Video Editor Apps. We mentioned to you all the editing apps and their features. If you have any problem with these video apps you can message us without any hassle we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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